Various illustration, image-making, and poster projects for a NYC-based community organization centered around celebrating the sport of basketball.

Designed independently.

Local Hoops x All Star Press

Chicago art gallery All Star Press invited artists from around the country to show work for the 2020 NBA All Star Game with an open brief. Submissions were displayed at their “INSIDE THE PAINT” event that was up throughout the weekend.
My contribution placed larger than life basketballs in well-known cities and by familiar landmarks — juxtaposing the universality of the sport with the locality of their respective environments.

Local Hoops
Summer Series

Limited edition run of screenprints.

Local Hoops x
The Cadence Project

A series of posters created for The Cadence Project, a grassroots organization aimed to empower Black communities in the Greater NYC area.

Prints of this artwork were sold on the Local Hoops website with all proceeds going towards organizations supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.